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Promote your items

Sell your items faster with Featured and get an average of 14x more views each day.

Promoting makes your item appear in featured positions within the top 50 items in search, browse, and category results. When a buyer looks for items like yours, they’ll see your promotion sooner than if your item was not promoted. Keep in mind, promoted items are rotated among the designated spots so every item gets fair exposure.

You can buy a promotion to promote your item for a set length of time, like days or months. For ongoing promotions and more options, check out our Featured feature.

How to buy a promotion

  1. Sign in to SokoHuru Dashboard and tap Products.
  2. Tap Promote on the item you’d like to promote. Items without a Promote button can’t be promoted at this time.
  3. Choose the plan you’d like to promote your item,  and choose number of days or months to promote it for any length of time.
  4. Pay for the promotion.
  5. Your item will appear in featured positions labeled Featured in a blue banner and will be seen by more buyers.

For questions about Featured

For questions about Promote, use the Contact Us button below.

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