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How to buy on Sokohuru

How to buy on SokoHuru
With so many ways to buy on SokoHuru, it’s important to know the steps involved in each process.

We’ve outlined the following scenarios to make it easier to understand how to buy on SokoHuru:

Meet in-person to purchase an item
Make offer
Purchase a shippable item
Buy Now/Add to Cart

1. Meet in-person with Contact Seller
When you find a local item you like, tap Contact Seller or Ask a question to the seller about the item.
Once the both of you agree, find a public place near the both of you to meet.
When meeting in-person, make sure you’re satisfied with the item and go ahead and make your payment.

2. Add to Cart
A seller may have the Add to Cart button available on their item. If you see this, that means you can quickly purchase the item by tapping this button. To do so, tap Add to Cart.
Go to checkout, review your details on the Checkout screen.
If everything looks good, continue with the payments.

3. Buy a shippable item
If you decide to have an item shipped from an individual seller, you only have 2 days to inspect it after it’s delivered If there are any issues with the item like if it’s damaged or isn’t what you were expecting, try requesting a refund or see purchase protection to file a claim if necessary.

4. Request a Quote: A seller may have the Request a Quote button available on their item. If you see this, that means you can request for quote from seller and seller will get back to you with the price of the item you want to buy and you will have option to accept the quote and add item to the cart and continue with purchase process.

We understand that buying and selling right now can be challenging. To learn more about how to handle purchases, see buying and selling during COVID-19.

Once your item is delivered, you will have 30 days to inspect it and request a refund if necessary.

Important: We are constantly adding and testing new features, so some features may not be available to all users.